Vetpol to launch as trainer and regulator of SQPs

Forum site Vetpol will be launching as a new regulator of SQPs (suitably qualified persons) in 2019 and has already attracted interest from stakeholders in animal health and sponsors.

Run by veterinary professionals, Vetpol has been involved in veterinary and animal owning communities for a number of years and is currently in the process of gaining accreditation for its training course.

The company intends to take a fresh approach, based on its vision of how the market for veterinary medicines is changing. The new course will be delivered online – opening up opportunities for those in more remote areas and reducing the time spent away from the business.

SQPs have grown in number over the last decade and there’s a continuing need for the category of veterinary medicines they dispense.

Director Caroline Johnson said: “Our long-term vision is to establish a business of veterinary pharmacy professionals capable of delivering real value to the customers and businesses they serve.”

The course aims to be easy to understand as well as being comprehensive, with a focus on communication and being able to make better recommendations with regard to the health of the animal. There will also be clarity on the remit of the role and working with other professionals – including the need to refer to a veterinary surgeon in appropriate circumstances.

The online nature of the course will allow it to be updated regularly with new information on emerging parasite risks and new research. With an increase in the number of products available across all categories to support the health of horses and small animals, these sections of the course will be focused on market needs.

The production animal module will be up to date with a focus on improving production, maintaining welfare standards, herd health planning and how SQPs can help farmers put their plan into action.

Johnson hopes the course will train competent and confident SQPs who are able to use their qualification to energise businesses, support clients and customers and make informed and responsible recommendations.

Anyone wishing to register an interest in receiving information on the course or pre-registering can email Interested individuals can also apply to join vetpol’s SQP Discussion Forum on Facebook, or connect on Twitter @vetpolSQP.

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