IPN’s Wagg brand launches first foray into wet food

Inspired Pet Nutrition (IPN) is set to make its first foray into the wet food market with the launch of a range under the Wagg brand.

Wagg is the market leader by volume in the dry dog sector with a 24 percent market share and last September, the brand unveiled new packaging as part of a £500,000 re-launch.

There are four flavours in the new range, salmon, chicken, beef and turkey, and the new line is available in 390gm trays. The trays will be an addition to the VAT-free Wagg Worker range, with the first three flavours on shelves in Morrisons this week priced at 90p. Further listings in the multiples are planned along with a roll-out to retail channels in the pet trade.

Chris Wragg, marketing director at IPN, said: “This exciting new range is a result of both innovation and manufacturing expertise, combined with probably the most well-invested pet food business in the UK. Some £14m has been invested in new facilities in north Wales and the launch expands the Wagg proposition of ‘no nonsense, great quality and value’ into the fast growing tray sector of the wet market.”

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