Arcadia Reptile EarthPro foods undergoes rebrand

Reptile animal welfare firm Arcadia Reptile has rebranded its EarthPro foods and supplements following a year-long project.

The company has rebranded, redesigned all of its packaging, updated its educational videos and released a new EarthPro website.

This brand new concept focuses on the strengths of the brand and ensures each product is now easy to locate and understand on the shelf via a “family of grouped colours”, badges and expert imagery.

EarthPro products are made in England and its pouches are resealable, durable and represent up to a 75 percent reduction in single use plastics, when compared to traditional methods.

John Courteney-Smith, head of science and innovation at Arcadia, said: “It is very clear that reptile and amphibian keepers from all over the world have accepted the theory behind EarthPro nutritional products, bought into the range and seen very positive results in large numbers.

“As the original small range grew so did our following, this has allowed us to create an all new and easy to understand packaging format that I think really sets a standard for the whole reptile trade. EarthPro really does have an identity of its own now.”

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