New ‘eco-friendly’ dog food enters UK market

A new “eco-friendly” pet food manufacturer has announced it is entering the UK market.

German pet food manufacturer, Lucky and Prince, will begin its UK operations by launching its Poultry with Carrots and Potatoes, Lamb with Carrots and Potatoes, Apples and Cottage Cheese, Beef with Potatoes and Venison with Zucchini flavoured products.

The Bavarian company promises its products are made from 100 percent natural ingredients, and says it contains no antioxidants, sugar or chemical binders. The company says it uses no cans or unhygienic packaging, and added its products are packaged in specially developed seven-layer synthetic casing.

Lucky and Prince founder and owner Philipp Staudacher, said: “My best friend and partner in crime breeds British bulldogs, who are known for their delicate digestion and fragile health. He complained that he did not have access to nutritious food on the go when he was taking his dogs to shows. So we did our research.

“We wanted wholesome, nutritious and clean fuss free dog food with as little packaging as possible. We worked on the recipe with a dog nutritionist, the dog producer and developed the sausage to do away with cans and any trace of tinny flavour in our food. All of our ingredients are ethically and locally sourced to avoid long transportation.”

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