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Over half of UK owners care more about dog than themselves

Some 67 percent of dog owners named their pooch as their best friend according to new research by Asda Money and UK pet owners have admitted to putting their dog’s dietary needs before their own when it comes to mealtimes.

Further research revealed that when choosing what type of pet food to purchase, 62 percent of UK dog owners place most importance on health and nutritional benefits, with other factors such as brand (33 percent) and cost (38 percent) being less of a priority. Yet, when it comes to their own food intake, flavour (59 percent) impacts their decision making the most.

Some 55 percent of owners strongly agree a healthy diet is extremely important for their canine companion. However, just 39 percent of people place the same importance on their own health, when it comes to their diet.


While 36 percent of owners gave their dogs giving them daily treats, 87 percent had never attempted to make healthy homemade options.

The research also highlighted some potential areas for concern, such as a disconnect between providing healthy meals and treating dogs to human foods. Some 38 percent admitted to feeding their pooch and 68 percent only claimed to know ‘some’ of the food items which are dangerous for dogs to consume. However, 60 percent of dog owners said they did their dog’s dietary requirements when browsing the pet food aisles.

Alistair Ball, head of pet insurance at Asda Money, said: “The results from the research we conducted have shown the lengths that pet owners will go to, to ensure they have a happy and healthy pet. With the majority of people putting their dog before themselves, it’s not surprising that we have a nation of pampered pets. 53 percent of people admit to feeding their dog before themselves, even if they’re hungry, that is true canine love!

“Caring for your pet, through a nutritional diet, regular check-ups with the vet, and making sure you have the right level of pet insurance so you’re covered for all eventualities, is the best way to keep those tails wagging with joy.”

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