Arcadia Reptile releases interactive UV Lighting Guide

After six years of research and development Arcadia Reptile has announced the release of its new UV Lighting Guide.

This interactive guide sets out to allow shopkeepers and hobbyists to choose the correct UV lamp for their species within their own size and type of enclosure. The guide will also allow keepers to accurately monitor their UV provision with Solar Meter 6.5 Index meters on an ongoing basis.

The guide has been put together to be simple to use and it based upon the internationally accepted, accurate and measurable UV index scale as opposed to geographical zoning.

The reptile manufacturer and specialist said it has been able to “drill down further into the levels of energy that are present within the usual area of an ecosystem in which a species is found”. The advice is then matched with the animals behaviour and classification.

The Arcadia Reptile UV Lighting Guide contains over 130 species, all of which can be found via an “intelligent” search bar. The guide follows on from advice in the company’s book Fire; The Sun. Its Use and Replication within Reptile Keeping.

Arcadia said: “It is vital that all species are able to obtain the correct quality and quantity of full spectrum+ UV-B lighting and within the light and shade method’. In doing so we as effective and ethical keepers will ensure that every species is able to self-regulate its own level of exposure and to the same level as it would have access to in the wild in a safe and effective way.”

The Arcadia Reptile UV Lighting Guide can be found on the company website:

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