Dorwest Herbs launches Dorwest Foundation as part of 70th birthday

Dorwest Herbs has announced its new Dorwest Foundation as part of its 70th anniversary whilst showing their commitment to ongoing charitable giving.

The Dorwest Foundation will aim to help dogs and cats in need of care and quality of life improvements. This year the herbal pet food manufacturer has been selling anniversary biscuit tins, of which all the profits have gone into the Foundation, along with 10 percent of all profit from its Keeper’s Mix.

Jo Boughton-White, manager director said: “We wanted to ensure our 70th year was not only a time to reflect on our heritage, but also to look to the future and give something back to the dog and cat world. I want to thank everyone who purchased these products and contributed, I hope we can make a real difference together”.

This week Dorwest has launched ‘Our Week of Giving’ and has selected five charities who will each receive a £500 donation. Each day it will reveal on it’s Facebook page the name of each charity.

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