Otodex Skin Cream gets veterinary approval

Wound and sore spot aid, Otodex Skin Cream, has recently been approved by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate for general following recommendation by professionals in the trade.

The product developed by Petlife International is made using an analgesic to quickly alleviate pain and a mild astringent to reduce haemorrhaging and weeping from minor injuries. It is said to be ideal for treating eczema, sore spots, abrasions and minor burns, it works by calming and covering the wound and allowing them to heal.

James Hancock, sales and marketing director at Petlife International, said: “Otodex Skin Cream is highly recommended by many of our customers so clearing the latest requirements of the Veterinary Medicines Directorate and therefore being able to offer the product again is fantastic news.

“The cream is easy to apply and proven to be very effective on skin conditions, abrasions and minor burns on both cats and dogs. We’re delighted to be able to once again offer Otodex Skin Cream as part of the Petlife range.”

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