Tetra adds 105L aquarium to Starter Line range

Aquatic product manufacturer Tetra has expanded its Starter Line range with an 105L aquarium which comes as a complete set.

The Tetra Starter Line 105L aquarium is made of special float glass to offer an undistorted view of the aquarium and contains a Tetra EasyCrystal filter to help keep waters clear while reducing dirt and algae. The set also contains a 16-watt energy-saving LED light and the pre-set 25°C heater maintains a constant temperature.

The Starter Line aquarium also includes a pack of TetraMin food for tropical fish and Tetra AquaSafe water conditioner which helps to make tap water safe for fish by removing harmful chemicals such as chlorine. It also has a feeding hatch at the front of the lid.

Ashleigh Foster, aquatics marketing manager at Tetra, said: “We’re very excited to introduce our new Starter Line 105L. The range has proven hugely popular by offering fishkeepers of all levels a simple and safe introduction to fishkeeping and it’s great that we can now offer those looking to introduce an aquarium to their home, or upgrade their existing aquarium, a larger size.

“Thanks to its complete kit and easy installation, the Starter Line 105L ensures fishkeepers of all levels have a successful experience.”

The Tetra Starter Line range now includes 30L, 54L, 80L and 105L aquariums to suit all levels of experience. The 105L aquarium is available now with an RRP of £125. A tailored cabinet for the new size is also available with an RRP of £89.

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