Webbox provides help to homeless dogs in Manchester

Pet food brand, Webbox, has partnered with local Manchester homelessness charity, Barnabus, providing a donation of Webbox Naturals dog food.

The donation which included a selection of Webbox Naturals’ wet and dry food, will help the charity to feed dogs who come in with their owners.

Adam Williams, office manager at Barnabus, said: “We are so grateful to Webbox for supplying us with such a generous donation, we in fact didn’t have room to store it all so gifted some to a local dogs home.”

“We rely entirely on donations from the public, so this kind of support really helps us to ensure that dogs, as well as people, never have to go hungry. Many dogs have already been into the support centre and enjoyed a hearty meal.”

Julie Butcher, head of marketing at Pets Choice, added: “The work that Barnabus do to support the homeless is invaluable, but it can be challenging for them to provide support to the animals that come in alongside their owners.

“We wanted to support the work they do and provide help for animals in need, who often aren’t lucky enough to have a full meal every day. We hope that all the people and dogs Barnabus helps, find accommodation in a safe and secure home soon.”

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