Natures Menu refreshes natural Raw Chunks range

Raw and raw inspired pet food company, Natures Menu, has refreshed its chewing meat range with an all new look and name.

The company has rebranded the range to Raw Chunks, complete with all new packaging, to help attract the consumer and boost sales for stockists and retailers.

The rebrand follows the success of the Natures Menu ‘Raw Bones and Chews’ range refresh, just three months ago, which the company said saw an increase in sales for the pet food company’s natural healthy treats.

Available in six variants, including Beef, Poultry Breast and Tripe, the Raw Chunks range is made with natural nutrients and can be served as a snack or as the meat ingredient in home prepared raw meals. It is made with 100 percent naturally, ethically sourced human grade meat, can accommodate dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds and can be fed from 10 weeks of age.

The refreshed packaging also comes with  feeding advice and guidance on the back of the pack to help stockists and retailers guide their customers to select and feed the best product for their beloved pets.

The company claims the benefits of its Raw Chunks range include improving oral health and strengthening teeth; having a calming effect and providing a source of nutrition.

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