Tetra relaunches FilterActive and Medica range for healthy fish

Tetra has upgraded its FilterActive water conditioner, which has been optimised to keep the filter and substrate cleaner for longer while supporting the biological balance in the aquarium after water changes.

The aquatics brand has also relaunched its Medica range, which includes three new formulas and an improved packaging for Tetra Medica GeneralTonic Plus, Tetra Medica Contralck Plus and Tetra Medica FungiStop Plus which aim to treat most common fish diseases.

The improved Tetra FilterActive formula now contains a blend of natural strains of sludge-reducing cleaning bacteria in concentrated form. This accelerates the breakdown of organic pollutants such as fish waste, food remains and dead plant materials and helps reduce sediment in the filter and aquarium. It also aims to extend the intervals between cleaning, improve filter performance, encourage substrate activity and prevent decay.

Tetra FilterActive also contains live, nitrifying bacteria which are responsible for breaking down ammonia and nitrite (which are toxic for fish) in the aquarium, settling mainly in the filter and on the filter materials and maintaining the biological balance.

As some of these nitrifiers, which reduce harmful substances, are lost through the regular cleaning the aquarium requires. Tetra FilterActive helps replenish bacteria lost after care activities to help maintain biological activity in the aquarium.

Ashleigh Foster, senior marketing manager, said: “At Tetra, we’re passionate about making fishkeeping as easy and enjoyable experience as possible. That’s why we continually review our ranges for ways to improve their functions. What’s more, we’ve recently refreshed our packaging to offer clearer visuals, descriptions and guidelines to make it even easier to understand how our products can support fishkeepers in ensuring their fish and aquariums remain healthy.”

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