Webbox launches campaign to ‘debunk common pet food myths’

Pet food manufacturer, Webbox, has announced the launch of the next phase of its Webbox Natural campaign, which it claims aims to “debunk the most common pet food myths”.
The campaign will see the launch of new creative assets explaining what the wording on packaging labels actually means, as well as reruns of its TV advert.

Webbox Natural claims to have seen “consumer desire for natural products continue to grow”. According to the manufacturer there has been a “spike in interest” in consumer food content in recent years, owners “paying more attention to the ingredients in the food they’re feeding to their pets”.

In the campaign, Webbox warns of the “potentially misleading nature of the wording on packaging”, according to the Association of the European Pet Food Industry (FEDIAF) guidelines regarding the percentage of ingredients, what constitutes a product as high quality is quite different to what would be generally assumed.

A product labelled ‘chicken with rice’ must contain at least 26 percent chicken and four percent rice according to the FEDIAF, whereas something labelled as ‘rich in’ needs to contain a minimum of only 14 percent of the named component.

Julie Butcher, head of marketing at Webbox, said: “We know that customers are becoming even more discerning about their choice in pet food, and we feel Webbox Natural is leading the way when it comes to natural yet affordable choices.

Consumers may find packaging labels confusing, for example, a product that is ‘rich in chicken with rice’ may sound more high quality than ‘chicken with rice’, but it is actually inferior in terms of chicken content.

“Our new campaign, which will be delivered via a range of channels including digital, social and the re-run of the TV ad, aims to educate the nation on what to look out for when selecting food for their dog/cat.”

She added: “We know that there are a lot of misconceptions or ‘myths’ out there, and as a responsible manufacturer we want to empower consumers to make the best decision when selecting food for their pets and that’s what we aim to achieve from this campaign.”

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