Lintbells launches new ‘Mobility Matters’ initiative

Pet supplements company Lintbells has launched its new Mobility Matters initiative to the pet trade for the first time.

The initiative will provide training and resources to stores, to assist owners in the multi-modal management of dogs with stiff joints.

On offer is free training and support materials that allow outlets to offer a value-added service to dog owners. It’s estimated that one in five dogs suffer from mobility problems.

The Lintbells’ Mobility Matters initiative will include support materials that help pet owners better understand their pet’s joint health. There is a step-by-step guide in a flip chart format that allows a more structured conversation to take place and which addresses the ways the pet can be helped.

The materials include adaptations that can be made in the home, such as using non-slip mats or raised food bowls and hints on how to choose a complementary therapy.

Lintbells is offering to visit stores and provide staff with the appropriate training. Once complete, certificates are issued for every staff member that has taken part and an ‘Accredited Mobility Matters Store’ window sticker provided to help signpost that expert support is available.

Also included is a pocket guide for staff to carry around and refer to during ‘on the spot’ conversations. The initiative has been introduced following feedback in the vet sector where a veterinary version of the materials has been used to support the set up of vet nurse-led clinics.

Lintbells brand manager, Gemma Cunningham, said retailers could use the materials to complement the advice given by veterinary practices and to refer customers to the vet when needed. The idea behind the initiative is to take a wider, more ‘holistic’ look at how pets and their owners can be supported.

Cunningham added that while Mobility Matters can help increase the sales of supplements and generate incremental sales from mobility aids and harnesses, the benefits go much further. She said: “It’s about improving expert credentials and knowledge and developing the services pet owners want. We want to ensure that pet owners have a great experience when they ask their retailer for advice. Mobility Matters will enable retailers to exceed expectations and help their stores become a destination for expert pet care.”

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