Purina tops online visibility table, Salience finds

Meanwhile, Pooch and Mutt, a provider of nutritionally balanced, natural, and ethically produced dog food and treats, also landed a spot in the top five with a 97% increase

Purina has achieved the largest increase in online visibility, boasting a 50% increase within the UK pet supplies market with a total score of 575,148 over the past year, according to a new report by Salience Search Marketing.

Salience Search Marketing’s annual online pet supplies sector report uncovers the industry’s leaders based on their online prominence and visibility.

The report analysed 11 performance indicators, including year-on-year visibility, search volume trends, and brand awareness, for online pet supplies brands to reveal the industry’s most successful names.

Following closely behind, Zooplus secured second place with a 10% rise to 272,843, highlighting the brand’s “committed endurance to captivating online audiences”.


YuMOVE took the third spot with a total traffic score of 74,783, up 63% year on year, demonstrating its dedication to the health and overall wellness of pets.

Hill’s Pet Food, praised for its scientifically formulated diets tailored to meet the specific nutritional needs and health conditions of pets, saw a surge in popularity, reporting a total traffic score of 63,44, up 245%.

Meanwhile, Pooch and Mutt, a provider of nutritionally balanced, natural, and ethically produced dog food and treats, also landed a spot in the top five with a total traffic score of 58,141, marking a 97% increase.

These brands experienced the most significant growth in the market and demonstrated the success of their strategies in enhancing brand awareness and boosting customer numbers.

However, Pets at Home, a once prominent brand known for its wide range of products, services, and advice, saw a 33% decline in organic search traffic, which resulted in a total traffic score of 1,307,925.

Similarly, VioVet, favoured for its broad resources of products including food, medications, and accessories, reported a 30% drop in traffic to 97,038.

Additionally, Pet Planet, known for providing pet care products and services with a focus on health, education, and responsible pet ownership, also faced a 40% drop in organic search traffic to 51,952.

These declines highlight the brands’ challenges in maintaining their online presence and attracting potential customers.

They also follow a sector-wide drop in search traffic, with a 5% decrease across the industry and indicates a declining demand for pet supplies, suggesting a potential drop in new pets.

Brett Janes, managing director at Salience Search Marketing, said: “Online visibility is a great way of measuring the brand awareness of any company operating within a competitive industry.

Purina continues to dominate the online market with its commitment to pet health and wellness and its wide range of high-quality, nutritionally balanced pet foods, solidifying its position as a leader in the pet supplies industry.

Janes added: “The 5% decrease in search for this sector suggests a drop in demand for online pet supplies, with this a crucial period for brands to amplify their online performance and implement a solid marketing strategy to dominate in the sector.”

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