Dog Treat Co launches its first vegan friendly treat

Devon-based dog treat manufacturer, Dog Treat Co, has stepped away from its usual meat-based offerings with the launch of its first vegan friendly treat.

The vegan snack is a coconut, chia and turmeric treat which is hand-baked as well as being wheat and gluten free. The treat has lauric acid, is rich in fatty acids and the turmeric is said to have anti-inflammatory qualities.

The Dog Treat Co has made its name both at home and abroad creating a range of clean deck, human grade ingredient treats that provide a “far-reaching range of functional benefits”.

Founder, Joe Halliwell, said: “Our Coconut + Chia +Turmeric treat was a positive response to a significant strand of our loyalist following who wondered if we’d consider adding a top notch vegan variant to our wider offer, a treat that specifically targeted hounds with delicate tummies and meat/protein-based allergies.”

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