Vets come together to create new veterinary app

A team of eight entrepreneurs and experts have joined forces to launch a new veterinary medical technology app, which is “set to revolutionise the UK and global vet market”.

The team has spent 18 months on research and development for the new business named Vet AI, which aims to bring medical technology into the homes of pet owners. The company’s founders said the idea for the app came after the company found many pet owners were unable to access regular affordable pet care.

Vet AI aims to help pet owners diagnose issues with their pets before a potentially costly trip to the vets. The company aims to develop its AI technology further to automate diagnosis, improve healthcare and enhance how our pets live.

Co-founder Paul Hallett said: “We’re dedicated to creating a business that genuinely looks after the people it recruits, to entrust and empower them to build extraordinary technologies that improve the lives of pet parents and owners.

“We are proud to harness the talent manifested in the Leeds region from data scientists and programmers to creatives, lawyers and academic experts. It is an absolute pleasure to be working with such a credible team.”

The app is set to launch in the UK in 2019 and aims to move in to Australia and the US next, followed by Europe and Asia.

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