Edgard and Cooper releases new additions to dog food range

Healthy pet food company Edgard & Cooper has updated its dog food offering and unveiled a brand refresh.

The updates come as the brand revealed a new listing on Amazon (8 October), increased distribution and a focus on the UK market.

The company has responded to growing consumer demand with new kibble varieties. Its new additions include Free-Run Chicken & Norwegian Salmon, Organic Beef & Free-Range Chicken and Venison & Free-Run Duck. The latter was added to its kibble range after the flavour proved popular in wet food.

The company said it recognised a “growing customer demand” for food catering to specific age ranges and added Magnificent Chicken & Salmon for senior dogs and Wonderful Chicken & Fish for puppies. It has also increased the size of its kibble bags, adding a 12kg pack to the variety.

The size of the kibble itself has also been updated, with a bigger option of 17mm available making it a safer option for larger dogs, encouraging them to chew rather than swallow, meaning less ‘kibble caught-in-throat’ concerns for owners.

Furthermore, the brand has responded to an increased concern for pets with allergies by removing grains from its range of puppy, adult and senior kibbles, as well as eggs and chicken gravy from all non-chicken products.

As part of its brand redesign and in response to the consumer need for proof of quality and transparency, the new designs are said to be “brighter, educational” and offer concise messaging.

Co-founder, Louis Chalabi, said: “We’re proud to say that Edgard & Cooper now retails in 10 countries, with over 6,000 distribution points across Europe, which are on track to double in the next 12 months. Despite the unchartered territory of Brexit, we continue to keep the UK in our sights as a very positive focus – with over £10m annual retail sales in less than two years of trading.

“We are about to launch on Amazon, and are stocked online at and a range of other selected retailers, including Waitrose Pet and Ocado.”

Edgard & Cooper worked with branding agency B&B on the redesign. Shaun Bowen, creative partner, said: “The design refresh brings renewed confidence to the brand. With a bolder colour palette alongside more personality-driven illustrations of mascots Edgard and Cooper, it sets the foundations for the brand’s future growth.”

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