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Peckish sees sales increase by £2m and launches autumn birdcare collection

Peckish has revealed a new autumn birdcare collection. It promises to help ‘your sales soar’, with a natural seed mix, suet cake value pack, feeders and nestboxes.

The products follow a big year for Peckish, which saw a £2m increase in sales. New consumers were welcomed into the birdcare market with easy to use products, such as the best-selling ready to use feeder, the Peckish Complete Easy Feeder.

The autumn 2016 collection features the following products:

Natural Balance

100 percent natural ingredients, enriched with sunflower seeds. Natural Balance is a wholesome eight seed blend will attract a wide variety of birds. Available in a 12.75kg pack.

Complete Suet Cakes Ten-Pack

Due to consumer demand, the brand will launch a new ten-pack version of the Peckish Complete Suet Cakes. Packed with 12 ingredients, high in energy and no mess, this treat is great value for volume users.

Diamond Suet Cake Feeder

An attractive cage design for serving Peckish Complete Suet Cakes. Featuring a flip top lid that provides protection against the elements, ideal for a wide variety of species.

Click Top Feeders

With a click top lid for easy fill and a clip release base for easy cleaning, these feeders are sturdy, durable and easy to use. This range offers great value and includes a seed, peanut and energy ball feeder.

Squirrel Proof Lattice Feeders

A tough, yet decorative design that will deter squirrels. This lattice design is durable and effective, with a secure click top lid, making the feeders easy to use. An ideal accessory to attract vibrant
birds to your garden. Two designs available for use with peanut or seeds.

Small Bird Feeder

This feeder attracts small and colourful birds to the garden. Includes a small entrance to a sheltered feeder that only the little birds can access, with wide easy open lid making it easy to fill and clean.

Blue Tit Nest Box

A pastel painted nest box built using FSC® 100 percent certified wood specifically to help the blue tit breeding season. It has easy to clean side openings and drainage holes to prevent a build-up of moisture.

Robin Nest Box

This pastel painted nest box helps robins during the breeding season. With an open fronted entrance and built using FSC® 100 percent certified wood, this nest box features drainage holes to prevent a build-up of moisture.

Rachael Dickinson, Senior Brand Manager for Peckish said: “Our soaring retail sales are no accident. They are the result of a successful NPD strategy, coupled with consistent advertising support.

“We’re confident this latest collection of NPD will complement our existing best-sellers and grow the birdcare category even further, appealing to newcomers and seasoned users alike.”

For more information, please contact your Westland sales representative.

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