Beco Pets clean up at Pett Level

Beco Pets, an ethical and sustainable pet product company, has taken part in The Great British Beach Clean 2018.

The London-based team travelled to the Pett Level coastline between Hastings and Rye. An area where litter pickers have previously found items that have drifted from as far as the Amazon Rainforest, Barbados and America.

Many new species arrived on UK shores carried by floating plastic where biodegradable materials would have broken down. The plastic has the potential to unbalance local ecosystems and threaten the species within them.

Beco Pets created a range of soft toys for dogs made from 100 percent recycled plastic. Every toy is strong, tough and recycles 15 plastic bottles that would otherwise be entering the planet’s oceans.

The Beco Bags range has expanded to include home compostable poop bags. They are made from natural plant fibres that break down in under 60 days. There are over 8.5 million dogs in the UK alone, depositing 17 million poops a day. That is at least 17 million plastic bags potentially going to landfill or the oceans.

Toby Freeman, Beco’s marketing manager, said: “It’s scary visiting a local beach that appears spotless at first glance, then looking closer we find plastic and rubbish. The organiser showed us examples of items that have travelled across oceans without even partly breaking down. Plastic in our ocean is a truly global issue that we all need to work together to rectify.”

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