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Fish swim back into fashion with UK pet owners

New research has found that 54 perfect of British people consider a fish their favourite pet, with half of fish owners admitting to tracing their finger around the bowl to “play” with their fish.

Tetra research also found that 23 percent of British fish owners enjoy talking to their fish, while six percent sing to their aquatic pets.

The research found that the UK’s most popular freshwater fish remained as the Goldfish, which has been the country’s most popular since fishkeeping’s boom in the 1980s. The Pearl Gourami and Neon Tetra came in second and third place respectively while other fish popular with UK owners included the Guppie, Cory Catfish and Danios.

Tetra says UK owners ranked “watching them grow and feeling proud of taking care of them as the most rewarding benefit” of keeping fish. The aquatic pet product manufacturer also said “keeping fish in your home can bring many health benefits, such as reducing stress and lowering blood pressure and heart rate”.

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