PetSafe Brand launches four new pet toys

Global pet product firm, PetSafe Brand has announced it will be extending its Play and Challenge range to include four new dog toys.

Each of the toys are said to have been designed to excite dogs of all ages and sizes, while also challenging them mentally to keep them actively engaged and alert.

The following new additions to the range include the Squeak ‘n’ Treat Ninja Star, which is priced from £4.99. The toy features rubber Treat Meter treat dispensers that release treats. The toy also has a squeaker and is available in three sizes.

Another new addition, the Chilly Penguin priced from £4.99, is a freezable toy which releases cool dog-safe treats. Pet owners can put their dog’s favourite treat in the bowl-shaped cavity and put in the freezer overnight. The toy’s wobble design gives dogs an extra challenge and further helps extend playtime. Multiple Penguins can be stacked on top of one another in the freezer and the toy is dishwasher safe.

The PetSafe Grip ‘n’ Tug™, £12.99, is durable and provides a rewarding, safe and fun experience for dogs and their owners and can aid in teaching dogs to learn basic commands such as “drop it.” Its design means the fleece and rope braided tug does not get stuck in a dog’s teeth or gums and its protective handle makes it safer and less tiring for pet owners. The ‘tugst are detachable, meaning they can be both machine washed and replaced if needed.

Lastly, the PetSafe Fleece Tug, £7.99, can be used alone in a fun game of tug or as a replacement Tug for the PetSafe Grip ‘n’ Tug toy.

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