Cotswold Raw sees tripe-based sales triple

Pet food manufacturer Cotswold Raw has reported an increase in interest in its tripe-based products in the last four months, with the sales of the product category tripling.

The company has two tripe-themed offers: a beef and tripe complete meal and lamb’s tripe chunks.

Tripe is a natural element of both dogs’ and cats’ ancestral diets, because as self-sufficient hunters, they’d consume their prey’s entire stomach and associated entrails, which provided abundant access to essential vitamins and nutrients.

Green tripe is the easily digestible, untreated contents of a grazing animal’s stomach or intestines; a fermented food which contains high quotas of healthy probiotic, lactobacillus acidophilus, that tackles harmful gut bacteria: e-coli, listeria and salmonella head to ensure a healthy digestive system. The ingredient is also rich with nearly 50 percent unsaturated fats.

Cotswold RAW spokesperson, Chris Brierley, said: “In addition to supporting our region’s rural economy, an integral part of what we do is help historically unfashionable cuts of meat find their feet!”

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