Royal Canin to host webinar on feline ageing

Pet food manufacturer Royal Canin is to offer a new webinar for vets on “extending healthy life in your feline patients”.

The webinar will be led by Nathalie Dowgray a lead researcher at the recently launched Feline Healthy Ageing Clinic. A long-term study, the Clinic researches the many factors associated with ageing to ultimately work towards improving quality of life for ageing patients.

Royal Canin’s webinar will include the essentials to include in senior cat consultations along with tips on recognising the major “alarm bells” of age-related disease and the next steps required to determine the clinical significance.

Researcher Dowgray will also be sharing initial findings from the Feline Healthy Ageing Clinic and will offer her time for individual questions to help refine delegates’ approach to cats over seven.

Dowgray said: “We have all witnessed the challenges of getting cats to the vets and these only increase as feline patients’ age. Therefore we must take full advantage of these rare opportunities to look to extend their life.”

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