Pet Owners

One in four of all pets bought or adopted will be rehomed

New research has found that one in four pets purchased or adopted will be rehomed, with 66 percent of dog owners said to regret acquiring their pets.

The research by Admiral Pet Insurance showed that owners were more likely to part company with their pets in the summer months, with 50 percent of unwanted pets rehomed or dumped during the period.

Furthermore a quarter of pet owners were said to have at least considered rehoming their pet.

Researchers believe the main reason for pet rehoming is owners going on holiday and not wanting to pay for animal care while they are away. One in 10 owners is said to have parted company with their pet because it prevented holiday plans.

A third of owners said they struggled with organising pet care while they were away and 40 percent of owners said the expense of vet’s bills, holiday care and general costs made keeping pets a challenge.

The average cost of pet holiday care was found to be £175 for a dog and £80 for a cat. One in five owners however reported that they spend at least £200 a year on pet accommodation, while one in eight dog owners are said to be paying out more than £400 a year on their pet.

Sian Humphreys, head of pet insurance at Admiral, said: “Our customer statistics show that dogs are still the most popular pet, but they do tend to take a lot more time, effort and money than cats do.

“We’d urge anyone thinking of getting one to consider all the options and implications before making such a big commitment so they don’t regret it later on. Make sure you get your pet for the right reasons, whether that’s companionship, because they need a loving home, or because of the mental and physical health benefits of owning a pet.”

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