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Channel 4 series reveals life with Britain’s busiest vets

The realities of day-to-day life in two busy pet hospitals in the UK is being highlighted in a new TV series set to be broadcast on Channel 4.

Cameras spent six months behind the scenes at vet charity PDSA’s two Liverpool pet hospital sites, to create the  new series called The People’s Vet.

The 20-part series captured the hundred’s of cases that the charity’s vet teams deal with each day – ranging from routine check-ups to life-and-death emergencies.

The charity is currently in its centenary year and runs 48 pet hospitals in cities and towns throughout the UK.

Series executive producer, Sarah Murch, said: “The PDSA has, for one hundred years, treated British pets when their owners can’t afford private vet treatment. We deliberately chose two of their busiest city hospitals to see the day to day realities faced by their veterinary teams, working to treat sick pets and helping their owners. It was very moving to see the importance of pets in the clients’ lives, and their gratitude for the treatment they received.”

Merseyside charity vets showcased in national TV series

One of the who will be vets featured on the TV show is Matt Forshaw, a senior vet at PDSA’s Huyton hospital.

Forshaw said: “The series gives us a great opportunity to show the wider world what an important job we do at PDSA. We are dealing with some of the country’s most vulnerable pets and owners. The sheer number and variety of cases we see is amazing, so there’s no shortage of great stories for a programme maker.”

Produced for Channel 4 by Blakeway North, The People’s Vet will be on every Saturday at 4.30pm from 4 August.

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