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Half of the UK names a dog as their best friend according to new research

New research has found that almost half of the UK view their dog as their best friend, with 64% saying that they view their dog as a friend instead of a pet.

The research by Natures Menu was conducted by a survey of 1,000 UK dog owners, with 33% saying that their dog had formed a special bond with another human.

It was found that 31% of owners said their favourite trait for dogs “is that they are always happy to see us”. The second and third most popular traits were “fun to be around” and “dependability”.

Melanie Sainsbury, veterinary education manager at Natures Menu, said: “This World Friendship Day we wanted to highlight how pets can actually be our best friends, sometimes even more so than humans.

“We weren’t surprised that nearly half of the nation class their dog as their best friend ahead of parents, partners, siblings and human friends. Dogs bring lots of pleasure to our lives, plus the fact that they are always happy to see us and are dependable, make them worthy best friends.

“Dogs have been genetically manipulated since we domesticated them thousands of years ago to socialise easily and show friendliness. Unless we show unkindness to them or hostile signs, a dog will attempt to establish a good-matured relationship.

“With the survey revealing that a dog is really a man or woman’s best friend, it’s important we take great care of them and look after them properly. A nutritional complete diet packed full of goodness, combined with lots of exercise and cuddles will help ensure that they are healthy and happy.”

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