TRPC pet food factory prompts protests over smell

A group of residents in Bodelwyddan are protesting the smell of the nearby The Real Pet Food Company (TRPC) factory by wearing white dust masks.

The protest is the first to happen in the town for 50 years with a dozen residents gathered outside the factory this morning (17 July). Residents have described the factory’s smell as “overpowering” and concerns have been raised over dust produced by the factory.

Mayor of Bodelwyddan, Cllr Richard Mainon joined protestors outside the factory following conversations with James Lawson the director of TRPC’s parent company Pet Nutrition. He said: “I don’t think they expected us to be anything more than a rabble with pitchforks, and were surprised to find how organised we are. Next we will be going after their brand.

“We will put pressure on supermarkets in the area to stop stocking TRPC products, and if they continue to stock it, we will boycott their stores.”

Of conversations with Lawson, Mainon added: “Mr Lawson came out and told us that the company were interested in being a good member of the community and were looking for a solution for the problem. I got into a debate with Mr Lawson, and made clear that the residents had been patient with the process of multiple unsatisfactory attempts to fix this, but that has now run its course.

“If you can’t put out your washing with all that rubbish in the air, you can’t let your children in the garden. The fact that a year has passed and the company has refused to satisfactorily address this means that they had burnt through all of their goodwill.”

The firm had planned to build two 40-metre high chimneys to solve the problem however residents said this would become an eyesoar.

It is thought that after The Real Pet Food Company managing director Graham Wheeler met with Denbighshire County Council a revised scheme has been submitted which Wheeler said would involve “the best available odour abatement equipment on the oven flues combined with a single, reduced-height chimney”.

Wheeler added: “I feel our agreement to this dual approach is proof of the firm’s commitment to find an answer that works for all parties.”

Under the new proposal it is thought that the chimneys would be between 32 and 35 metres high, with 15 metres below the factory roof.

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