Cotswold Raw moves to Woolcool packaging in eco-friendly pledge

Natural dog food brand Cotswold Raw has changed its outer packaging to a Woolcool packaging, in a bid to become more eco-friendly.

Customers will be encouraged to return the Woolcool packaging once they are done with its contents, allowing for their reuse by the company. The firm has also pledged to minimise its future use of Styrofoam boxes.

As well as this, Cotswold Raw made the decision to change the colour of its 1kg meat trays from black to clear in a bid to broaden the packaging’s recycling credentials. Its 500g packs are expected to follow suit soon.

Co-founder Mark Lewis said: “Our focus has always been brand transparency (showcase our products) and yet whilst we already go further than most we fully accept there’s always wiggle room when it comes to further improvements, hence our 2018 commitment to recyclable trays.

“Countryside Common Sense has been one of the cornerstones of our business from day one, so in these times of heightened awareness regarding the impact of plastic pollution we’re keen to add our voice to the debate.”

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