Omlet makes £1.5m move to Lincoln following Google error

Pet product manufacturer Omlet has completed a £1.5m move to a new warehouse in Lincoln after it had originally planned to take its business to the Netherlands.

A member of staff at Omlet had originally set out to search for a new warehouse in Rotterdam however Google corrected this to Rotherham which led the company to look at options in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

The move has created six new jobs and will see the company move in to a former Co-op warehouse.

Omlet director Johannes Paul said: “Demand for our products is increasing on the continent, so we started to look for a European warehouse. A colleague began searching the Internet, and started typing in ‘Rotterdam’, but Google’s autofill finished off ‘Rot’ as ‘Rotherham’ and without realising it he hit search.

“That led us to explore what was available in the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire areas and we had the good fortune to spot the Lincoln warehouse. As soon as we saw it, we knew it was perfect for our needs.”

Omlet makes a range of houses and kennels for animals such as dogs and hamsters as well as producing products for farm animals such as hen houses.

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