Kickstarter campaign launches for DIY dog toothbrush

A Kickstarter campaign has been launched for a DIY dog toothbrush created by Los Angeles-based pet startup Bristly.

With the help of this campaign, the company hopes to make its canine toothbrushing stick available to the general public internationally and put it into mass production.

Bristly, created by Petros Dertsakyan, designed the toothbrush to tackle periodontal disease which if left untreated, heart and lung diseases, systemic diseases of kidneys and the liver, diabetes complications and cancer.

The brushing stick is said to enable daily removal of plaque and bacteria without the “hard-won toothbrushing battle” familiar to dog parents.

It has easy-to-hold paw pads allowing self-use for dogs and the two sides of bristle lines clean dogs’ teeth down to the gumline. Its flavoured bristles promote chewing and increase palatability of the stick. Side nudges are meant to provide extra brushing surface for an increased brushing effect. The brush is equipped with a self-dispensing toothpaste reservoir to enhance cleaning.

Bristly has been in development for a year and has been trialled by 50,000 beta-testers. It is available in three sizes and the company is hoping to stock and distribute the product worldwide.

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