Webbox pledges 100 percent recyclable packaging

Pet food brand Webbox has announced it has taken the first steps in its commitment to make all packaging 100 percent recyclable.

The company has announced it will be replacing the black polypropylene trays used for its wet dog food trays with white polypropylene trays.

On average over three million black trays are used by the pet food brand per year and steps to remove them have already begun, with all black trays being replaced by the recyclable white trays later in the year.

Tony Raeburn, brand owner of Webbox, said: “Plastic waste is a worldwide concern and we recognise that urgent action is required by all businesses to change existing packaging and find improved solutions that are recyclable or reusable.

“While technology is constantly evolving and the recycling of black plastic could improve, we have made this change to ensure that the trays we use are recycled. We expect to see the replacement of the black trays in production in the coming month.”

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