Natures Menu refreshes ‘Raw Treats’ bones and chews range

Raw pet food manufacturer Natures Menu has refreshed its raw bones and chews range with an all new look and name.

The company has rebranded the range, to ‘Raw Treats,’ complete with all new packaging, to help attract the consumer and boost sales for stockists and retailers.

The full range which allows customers to provide their pets with a 100 percent natural healthy treat, is British sourced, and includes bone and bone-free options, from marrowbones, duck necks, chicken wings and bone-free beef meaty chews.

The upgraded packaging comes with handy feeding advice and guidance on the back of the pack to help stockists and retailers guide customers to select and feed the best product for their pet.

The company says the benefits of the ‘Raw Treats’ range includes a support in oral health, aiding to mental stimulation and weight management. The act of chewing also helps to calm dogs, is suitable for puppies and contains glucosamine, calcium and phosphorus and many are rich in omega-3 fats.

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