Jollyes backs non-toxic paw balm for dogs

The balms are made with natural ingredients that are non-toxic and licksafe for dogs.

Jollyes has launched a new paw balm for dogs developed by store manager Lyndsey Fearns and recruiter Becky Dutton-Geraghty. 

The range of four balms, made with natural ingredients that are non-toxic and licksafe for dogs, has already been sold online and is set to be sold at pet store Jollyes. 

Fearns, the store manager at Jollyes in Runcorn, Cheshire and Dutton-Geraghty, a retail recruiter, researched a variety of essential oils. They “experimented with different recipes and ingredients and developed samples to ease doggy ailments including allergies, itchy paws, dry nose and anxiety”. 

Fearns said: “It was very important to us that our products were cruelty free and vegan friendly, and we didn’t want a petroleum-based product because we knew it had to be safe if a dog licked it and ingested it. 

“We test our products on humans, starting with ourselves. My chihuahua Meika used to suffer terribly at Bonfire Night. The anxiety balm has made a huge difference and I can’t believe how settled she has been since we started using the balm.” 

Jollyes’ commercial director Chris Burns added: “We were really impressed with the balms. There was a gap in the market for Lyndsey and Becky’s product and their cruelty free ethos fits perfectly with our approach. Customers in the trial store love it and we can’t wait to see the response as we roll it out across all our stores.” 

The balms come in 4 varieties: pre-walkies barrier balm for paw and snout protection, anxiety calm balm, itchy paws soothing balm and vegan rough paws and snout Saviour.

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