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Hill’s Pet Nutrition partners with Vet-AI

The partnership comes alongside a third investment from Correlation One Holdings

Hill’s Pet Nutrition and veterinary technology company Vet-AI have entered into a collaboration to advance Vet AI’s mission to provide preventative veterinary care and ease pressure on veterinary professionals.

Hill’s Pet Nutrition is investing in Vet-AI, alongside a third investment from Correlation One Holdings.

It will also open up digital veterinary care to millions of pet owners through the Joii Pet Care app, which includes a free pet symptom checker that helps pet owners better understand their pet’s problem.

Veterinary surgeon Dr Robert Dawson, co-founder of Vet-AI, said: “This important work gives us the ability to provide a truly holistic veterinary care offering, underpinned by expert knowledge and innovative technology.

“Nutrition is fundamental to the life of a healthy pet and we’re delighted to work with the esteemed Hill’s Pet Nutrition brand in combining our collective knowledge and expanded veterinary network. Together we can improve the lives of pets and vets across the globe through improved data insights.”

He added: “It’s no secret that veterinary practice colleagues are under increasing pressure. Our mission is to do all we can to alleviate that. I’m proud that Vet-AI, alongside our partners, can build on a way forward for the industry to deal with rising demand in a way that retains knowledge and passion within the sector.”

Dr Hein Meyer, director of professional and veterinary affairs at Hill’s Pet Nutrition, added: “We see Joii Pet Care as a powerful tool veterinary surgeons can take advantage of to alleviate stress and free up time and resources. Joii supports veterinarians by clearing more time for procedures that require their skill and expertise. We think vets will appreciate Joii’s many helpful functionalities, such as tele-triage, online follow-ups and check-ups.

“One of our top priorities is fostering and continually investing in the health, longevity, and satisfaction of our veterinary network. We see our work with Vet-AI as another step towards supporting veterinarians across the world.”

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