Arcadia Reptile launch ‘world-first’ dedicated Leopard Gecko UV-B system

Arcadia Reptile has released its new ShadeDweller range which it claims is the world’s first UV-B system line dedicated to the Leopard Gecko and other crepuscular species.

It has been made specifically for ‘shade dwelling’ species but may also be suitable for diurnal species living in shallow enclosures, including snakes.

The range uses German engineering to produce a high quality, stable projection of UV rich light for a whole year. It is energy efficient, as it only uses eight watts of energy. It is also possible to self-regulate the product and adjust areas of shade and light.

The ShadeDweller produces a ratio of 17 percent UV-A and seven percent UV-B for natural vitamin D3 production. It has an output of 400 lumens and maintains a colour of 6k Kelvin.

It is available in two standard lighting kits, the MiniKit and ProT5Kit. The MiniKit is more suitable for shallow vivaria.

John Courtneney-Smith, reptile products manager, said: I have been passionate about providing the correct sources of energy from light to crepuscular species for many years. After years of work we have finally been able to craft something as ‘bespoke’ for this commonly kept group of animals.

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