Slow-feeding ‘Lickimat’ launched for pet separation anxiety

An Australian couple have invented a new feeding mat product to help reduce pet separation anxiety by distracting with treats.

The ‘Lickimat’ works by being filled with food and left for pets to lick at, with grooves in the mat meaning it can take pets up to 90 minutes to eat all of the food. Lickimat claims that while pets are eating the food they will not be thinking about where their owner is, therefore reducing anxiety.

In the summer the Lickimat can be frozen in order to cool down pets who have been left alone. The mat is available online for £4.90 and has so far sold over 160,000 units.

Amazon has recently bought 24,000 units in order to boost its pet offering following the launch of its Wag brand. The Wag brand has come under scrutiny from UK manufacturer Wagg.

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