Cotswold Raw to go on tour to promote healthy eating for pets

Cotswold Raw is to take its display team on tour to shows around the UK in order to promote healthy eating in pets.

The company’s team will visit Dog Fest, The Game Fair and Countryfile Live to showcase its product that aims to take pet food back to its roots of raw fresh meats and produce.

Chris Brierley, Cotswold Raw co-founder, said: “As a vocal champion of the local farming community and the wider rural economy, these are just the sorts of gatherings that truly reflect everything we hold dear.

“Today’s dog owners are increasingly interested in naturalness, free-from diets and best-in class ingredients; vigorously championing our ongoing commitment to feeding dogs in the most natural, species appropriate manner possible.”

“Whether we’re talking finely-tuned working dogs or more easy-going urban hounds, every dog deserves a healthy, nutritious balanced diet devoid of meaningless filler grains, meat derivatives or artificial nasties.

He added: “For a while pet food mirrored human priorities for speed and convenience which led to a myriad of unwanted obesity headlines. Thankfully today, we’re returning to a mindset that recognises that you are what you eat, which has led to a welcome renaissance in low-carb, high protein recipes for both humans and their pets.”

Cotswold Raw also aims to get behind locally farmed products as often as it can through its community outlook scheme.

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