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Dog owners face £75 fine as beach walkers banned

A new rule has been brought in to stop dog walking on the UK’s busiest beaches with those ignoring the rule risking a £75 fine.

Individual councils have set their own rules regarding which beaches can and can’t be walked on. It is thought that the new rules have been brought in to stop dogs fouling and running free amongst children and people relaxing on the beach.

The rules and fine have provoked angry reactions from dog owners, with one Cornwall dog walker starting a petition to end the ban.

Andy Jenrick, who started the petition called the new rules and fine “ridiculous” and said “holiday makers with dogs are also affected and may choose to go elsewhere”.

At the time of writing 1,881 people had signed Jenrick’s petition.

One signee of the petition, Lloyd Bear, said: “I live in Porthtowan and own two dogs, the ban is unfair and unnecessary. By all means fine people for dog litter, or at the very least change the ban to a dogs on leads rule. At the end of the day we all know that dogs are better than people.”

Another angry dog owner has set up a Facebook page called ‘Doggone Shame’ for dog owners to post pictures of empty beaches they claim have been deserted since the ban.

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