ProDen PlaqueOff commits to reducing CO2 emissions

Swedencare UK, the distributor of ProDen PlaqueOff has committed to reducing its CO2 emissions caused by its business activity.

This new move falls in line with the company’s ethos to remain environmentally friendly and its natural pet products.

Swedencare UK is based in Leeds, and after the inclusion into the Swedencare Group back in 2016, the amount of travelling between offices has increased dramatically.

After becoming frequent flyers from Leeds Bradford Airport, Swedencare UK have decided to plant trees in the Yorkshire and Humberside region to reduce and offset some their CO2 emissions caused by the increase in travelling.

Trees will be planted at a mixture of school grounds, reserves and managed woodland with a variety of species being planted that are native to the area.

Swedencare UK’s managing director, John Leonard, said: “We have seized the opportunity to help improve the environment in our local area and we encourage other companies in the area to do the same

“We have realised that our business activities have had a negative impact on the environment recently, and we will plant trees in partnership with Carbon Footprint to reduce our CO2 emissions.”

The project will start moving immediately and will see positive environmental improvements by improving air quality, providing a habitat for wildlife and will enhance the natural landscape.

Swedencare UK plan on working with other organisations in the future who are actively making a difference to the environment in and around the United Kingdom.

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