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Spate in pet shop robberies continues as Frimley store is broken into

A pet shop in Frimley has been broken into with charity boxes stolen, the incident follows a spate of pet shop related thefts and break-ins across the country.

The Two by Two pet shop had a window smashed during the incident with four charity boxes stolen in total. The value of the money in the boxes was said by the owners to not be substantial, with a box for Chimney Farm Rescue containing £80 at the most.

One male has been arrested in relation to the incident.

Owner, Andrew Backhurst told media: “It’s just so low. It’s not even proper theft is it?”

The incident is part of a rise in the robbery of pet shops with three Surrey Heath stores broken into over the last month.

The year has also seen snakes stolen from a Warrington pet shop, masked robbers burgle a Nottinghamshire shop and an Orpington pet shop targeted by scammers alongside multiple other thefts across the country.

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