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Surrey pet food store robbed of £4,000 worth of equipment and cash

Petfood Kingdom in Windlesham has been broken into and robbed of £4,000 worth of equipment and cash.

The stolen items included charity money, iPads and money from the tills, while another nearby pet shop called Pet’s Corner was also broken into with nothing stolen.

John Heather, owner of Petfood Kingdom said: “A member of staff showed up to work and noticed the break-in so he phoned the police and they said they knew about it and said not to touch anything.

“Then a member of the public pulled up and said, ‘oh you’ve been broken into as well, Pets Corner in Hillier’s has been done too’. So my member of staff called back and told the police about our break-in as well because they didn’t know it was two different break-ins, Hillier’s is only 400 yards away.

“They broke in by smashing one of the windows in the door, they took the charity money which was approximately £226 and broke into my filing cabinet and stole my change money which was approximately £400. They also took two iPads, which were specialist iPads for scanning and stock taking. To replace those it’s going to cost about £3,000 – they’re about £1,500 each and linked to our EPOS system.”

A Surrey Police spokesman said: “On the morning of May 27, we received reports that the Petfood Kingdom on London Road in Windlesham had been broken into. A different store, Pets Corner, next to The Petfood Kingdom was also broken into on the same night, however it’s not believed that anything was taken. This case has also been filed.”

The store was threatened with closure when property developer Wooldridge wanted to build houses on its site however plans have now been shelved.

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