Orpington pet shop targeted by scammer sends out warning

A pet shop in Orpington has sent out a warning after scammers conned teenage shop workers out of £27 from the till.

According to store manager James Brown a man in a black cap entered the store in a cocky manner “throwing his arms about” and “complimenting the girls on their tattoos and whatnot”.

Brown says the man bought a small packet of fish food priced at £2.15, but when money was handed over he confused the girls by repeatedly claiming he had been giving the wrong change and by exchanging a series of notes and change.

When Pet Gazette asked Brown if he felt they were targeting independent pet shop owners who may not be as aware of the scam he said: “I don’t know really, it’s only happened once in the nine months I’ve been here. I used to work in Pets Pantry in Eltham, and it got done there once when I was there.”

Brown said this was the first time that he knew of the Orpington store being scammed. He thought that the store had probably been targeted because the workers on the day were “young girls” who the scammers “thought they could intimidate”.

He said he told the girls present on the day of the scam: “If anyone is acting in that manner, wanting to dictate what they want off of you, just shut the till and say I’m just going to go and grab the manager.

“This usually it puts the frighteners up them,” he added.

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