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Disciplinary committee suspends Republic of Ireland-based vet from register

The disciplinary committee of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) has suspended a Republic of Ireland-based veterinary surgeon from the register for a period of two years after he was convicted of 34 charges related to prescribing veterinary medicines.

Gary Adams was convicted at Gorey District Court, County Wexford, Republic of Ireland in March 2015 for:

  • Nine offences of prescribing animal remedies to animals not under his care;
  • Five offences of forging entries in official animal remedies records owned by farmers to suggest he had made visits to farms when he had not;
  • Seven offences of dispensing a prescription-only animal remedy but not preparing a veterinary prescription containing the details of the animals;
  • Two offences of failing to affix labels in the required form to prescription-only items when selling or supplying animal remedies;
  • Six offences of failing to annotate the dispensed prescriptions with the word ‘dispensed’ and failing to sign and date them;
  • Three offences of failing to keep a record or purchases and sales (including quantities administered) in respect of each incoming and outgoing transaction; and
  • Two offences of selling animal remedies on a wholesale basis without an animal wholesaler’s licence.


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