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Silentnight releases ‘calming donut pet bed’

The company said their donut beds “help to calm a dog’s anxiety as the shape of the bed appeals to its nesting instinct

Silentnight have announced the release of it’s “calming donut pet bed”, which will aim to create a “calming, anti-anxiety environment” for dogs.

The company said its donut beds “help to calm a dog’s anxiety as the shape of the bed appeals to its nesting instinct.

The ‘fur on fur’ contact is also key to soothing the dog whilst anxious, as it’s what a dog would receive from its mother when distressed.

The circular shape and raised rim is designed to “help the dog to burrow and feel protected” whilst sleeping which in turn calms their overloaded sensory behaviours and supports the neck and spine during sleep time, helping to ‘reduce muscle and joint pain that they may have from being stiff and anxious”.

Sally Bonser, head of marketing at Comfy Group, said: “Many dogs find fireworks and loud noises unsettling and so with Bonfire Night fast approaching, we’re encouraging pet owners to consider how they can help to ease stress levels on the night.

“A donut bed is a really simple, yet effective way to provide a comforting sanctuary for your dog and is actually also great for cats and other small pets such as rabbits, all of which can be prone to stress from loud noises.”

She added: “The cocooning nature of the bed makes the pet feel at ease, and the ‘furry’ texture of the fabric also soothes them.

“There’s lots of other tips and tricks out there for alleviating stress on Bonfire Night and so we’d certainly encourage pet parents to do a bit of research ahead of time”.

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