Arcadia Reptile rebrands and relaunches Organic Bio-Active Ready range

Arcadia Reptile has rebranded and relaunched its Organic Bio-Active Ready range of substrates to alter its packaging.

The packaging redesign has come as a result of a lengthy investment into its EarthMix and EarthMix-Arid products which are potent and eco-friendly, formulated to provide reptiles, inverts and amphibians with essential minerals.

John Courteney-Smith, products manager, said: “Arcadia Reptile has invested heavily into the relaunch of EarthMix and EarthMix-Arid their organic and Bioactive ready range of reptile substrates. The choice of substrate within reptile and amphibian enclosures is as important to the health and wellbeing of captives as the choice of enclosure itself.

“EarthMix and Earthmix-Arid are totally safe to use, Bioactive ready-supporting fantastic plant growth and will allow high levels of physical and mental enrichment.”

He added: “The EarthMix range has always been a very popular product with a number of years of sales, this redesign into consumer friendly and eye catching packaging not only drives sales but it also allows reptile keepers to make good choices. The packaging even allows a keeper to see how many bags they may need for their environment via a helpful table.”

Stock is now available.

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