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Pets at Home launches “Petiquette” service

It is aimed at helping companies across the UK welcome dogs into the workplace

Pets at Home, the UK’s leading pet care business, has announced the launch of its “Petiquette” service, which aims to help companies across the UK to welcome dogs into the workplace.

The company said the service comes as “owners and their pets are adjusting to the return to the office and the introduction of hybrid working practices, with less time spent together at home”.

Pet at Home stresses that “dogs can contribute to a positive workplace environment and, in some cases, can help to reduce stress and anxiety”, as “employers and their teams are also “increasingly aware” of the importance of colleague wellbeing”.

The Petiquette programme sets out helpful guidelines for businesses to welcome our furry friends but also to ensure that all colleagues feel comfortable, whether or not they have a dog.

The retailer said this includes providing a hygienic place for every dog to feel secure and comfortable, keeping the workplace place clean and tidy, ensuring that dogs are vaccinated and illness free – including the need for third party insurance, maintaining regular exercise and hydration levels and establishing a dinner and play time that does not interrupt others.

The programme is part of Pets at Home’s wider commitment to supporting its people and pets. Pets at Home was the first adopter of the Petiquette programme and also offers ‘Peternity leave,’ which sees colleagues able to take a day off when they get a new dog, cat, or horse to welcome the pet home and help it to settle in.

Jane Beresford, group director of people partnering, said: “There can be many benefits to having dogs in the office, including the links to boosting morale and promoting positive mental health.

“There are also advantages for our pets, who have become used to having their owners at home over the pandemic. But going ‘dog friendly’ should not be a quick decision and that is why we have created our Petiquette guide, so that employers can create the best environment for both their people and pets.”

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