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Nood to make UK debut this autumn

The brand offers ‘nutritious meals at affordable prices’, with each dish full of ‘ethically sourced proteins’ including cage-free chicken and turkey, and sustainable salmon.

Pet food brand Nood has announced the launch of its UK debut this October in partnership with Tesco.

Nood was founded in New Zealand in 2019 by Alistair King in partnership with ZURU founder and retail brand builder Nick Mowbray.

According to the brand, it is set to offer dishes that are blended with a variety of probiotics, superfoods and minerals to keep pets healthy.

Each recipe has been researched alongside a team of animal nutrition experts with over 50 years experience.

Nood has also said it provides “nutritious meals” at affordable prices, with each dish full of “ethically sourced proteins” including cage-free chicken and turkey, and sustainable salmon.

The brand revealed it excludes common allergens such as gluten, eggs and dairy, as well as artificial flavouring, preservatives, sugar and salt.

The range is suitable for all life stages and includes dry food for dogs, and dry and wet food for cats.

Alistair King, founder of Nood, said: “We’re so excited and very fortunate to partner with large supermarkets such as Tesco to distribute Nood, which allows for the economies of scale to produce high-quality recipes affordably, and unlike many larger companies, we pass these savings onto customers.”

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