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Skinners launches new dog food range

The brand has said the new range is its biggest in 30 years, ‘perfect’ to fuel dogs of all ages on their ‘many adventures in the great outdoors’

Skinners has announced its latest food range, ‘Get Out and Go’, specifically for dogs.

The range is made up of four dry foods, three wet foods and an energy bar, recovery bar and training treats. 

Skinners has said ‘Everyday Energy’ gives dogs “everything” they need for their walks, while ‘Extra Energy’ is designed for dogs with a much more “active lifestyle”, such as those who regularly train and take part in sports like canicross and bikejor.

In addition, the brand also said ‘Lower Energy’ is designed for older dogs who may have “slowed down”.

Skinners revealed its range is designed to work together and foods can be combined depending on the energy your dog is expending. 

According to the brand, its ‘Flying Start’ puppy food, which supports a dog nutritionally in the early weeks and months, is also set to join the range.

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