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‘Good dog’ to be put down following court ruling

A dog deemed ‘dangerous’ by Worcester Magistrates Court has been ordered to be put down after it escaped through a hole in a garden fence and attacked another dog.

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier’s teenage owner was heard during the ruling, sobbing: “He is a good dog. I can’t believe they’re going to kill him. It is not his fault, it is my fault. I let him down.”

The owner had previously been ordered by the court to keep the dog on a lead and in a muzzle when walking, and when at home kept in a secure environment that prevented escape.

Upon its escape from the garden the dog attacked a five year old Cocker Spaniel on a walk in Worcester, with the spaniel suffering an injury to its front right paw and a bite to its head. The Spaniels owner tried to prevent the attack but was unable to, the dog did not attack the owner.

Gerry Vahey, of the defence said: “She was not aware they had got out. She has taken responsibility. She pleaded guilty. She is sorry for what happened even though she was not directly responsible.”

Despite the dog being passed on to a “more responsible” owner, it is still set to be put down pending appeal.

Along with the destruction order the owner was fined £100, ordered to pay £135 prosecution costs, £30 victim surcharge and compensation of £200 to .

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